Benjamin Griot and Pierre Filancia met in professional image training at the MAI (Music Academy International) in Nancy. Their work ethic and compatibility led them to create BPmusic.tv.
Benjamin takes care of the sound design and mixing of the projects while Pierre focuses on composition and arrangements. Their backgrounds have linked them to many musicians from all walks of life, allowing them to meet all demands.
How we work
BPmusic.tv takes the time to go through each project’s concept with their clients, adapting to their needs, requests and budget.
All the work is programmed by virtual midi sounds and sent to the client. If the client wants to go further, studio recording sessions are offered to give extra ‘soul’ to the music.
To make communicating easier with customers, a Dropbox shared folder is created for each project. All media is therefore accessible in one common place for BPmusic.tv and its customers.
Customer relationship
As we like to stay connected to our clients, you will have continuous access to the work in progress via the Dropbox exchange files. As well as that, you are welcome to come and work with us at our locations in Paris and Saint-Dizier.
The software mainly used
Logic Pro X
Finale 25
Bank de son, Kontakt, Output, EastWest...
How to contact us
To get in touch, please go to our contact page. We will answer your request as soon as possible.