Biographie de Pierre Filancia

In 1983 I began private music theory lessons with Genevieve JOURDAN in Saint Raphaël.

I then enrolled at the municipal Conservatoire in Saint-Raphaël to study music writing with Georges PINA.

I specialised in arrangement and orchestration with Ivan JULIEN and jazz writing with Michel ZÉNINO in Salon de Provence.

It was here that I met Michel PETRUCCIANI at one of the master classes.

I then went to Paris to attend ensemble music classes at the Gabriel FAURE Conservatoire in the 5th arrondissement as well as classes in music writing at the CRR of Paris.

I returned to Provence to take classes in music writing and fugue with Thierry MÉLIS at the Conservatoire National de Toulon.

At the end of the course I was awarded a Diploma in Music Writing with first class honours and the unanimous praise of the jury, under the chairmanship of Bernard DECREPY professor at the CNSMD in Paris.

I specialise in composition and computer-assisted music.

I also attended master-classes given by Vincent COURTOIS, cellist; David LEVY, pianist; Denis GROTSKY, pianist and composer, Dimitri GOLDOBINE, harpsichordist, lutenist and composer as well as a seminar led by Alain SAVOURET, composer and creator of the generative improvisation class at CNSMPD.

I attended the International Music Academy in Nancy and the IECA European Film Institute in Nancy where I worked on film music.

I am currently in the class of Writing, Composition at the Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris in the class of Mrs Françoise LEVÉCHIN.

In parallel to the CIMP, I am taking courses in semiology and palaeography at the Gregorian Choir of Paris in the class of Giedrius GASPSYS.